The ultimate guide to our community is on its way. A to Z will be a full color magazine featuring everything you need to know about Amador and Calaveras counties, from resources and services, to organizations, clubs, history, recreation and much more.

The A to Z guide, set to publish at the end of April, is a panoramic view of our community and will serve as a year-round source of information for both locals and visitors in the area.

At this time, we ask that those interested in advertising in this magazine, contact our advertising director Beth Barnard at bbarnard@ledger.news immediately for information and questions. Those with information to be changed or included in the guide, email your info to rnorris@ledger.news with the subject line “A to Z.” We are accepting submissions of information to be published in the following categories:

“A” will be for Amador County, its services agencies and government information. “B” will be for bridal and will cover our area’s wedding industry professionals and venues. “C” will be for Calaveras County, its services agencies and government information. “D” will be for dining. “E” will cover education, including schools, programs and more. “F” will stand for faith, including information about churches and places of worship. 

“G” will guide you to the many local galleries. “H” will be for healthcare, including hospitals, medical services, gyms and wellness centers. “I” will stand for information, including all the pertinent facts about Amador and Calaveras counties, from elevations to demographics and more. “J” will be for judicial system, providing important court-related information. “K” will stand for kids, and information about sports, clubs and activities for the community’s youth. “L” will stand for lakes, including information about boating fishing and camping at local lakes. “M” will be for museums in the area.

“N” will stand for Nonprofits and will include information on all of our nonprofit organizations. “O” is for organizations in the area, from clubs to guilds and such. “P” will be for parks and historical landmarks. “Q” will stand for our quality professionals in the area, such as insurance agencies, real estate, automotive, beauty and more. “R” will represent recreation, including information about activities like golfing, hiking and skiing. “S” will be for shopping and will include information about local businesses. 

“T” will stand for things to do, noting the annual activities in Amador and Calaveras Counties, theatre entertainment, concert venues and more. “U” will stand for us and will provide information and history regarding the Ledger Dispatch. “V” will stand for veterans and will provide key information about services, agencies, activities and profiles. “W,” of course, will stand for wine. “X” will be for xenodocheinology, defined as the love of hotels, and will provide information on where to stay in the area. “Y” will be for yesterday, telling a little bit of the region’s history. And finally, “Z” will be for zesty, talking about all of the tastes Amador and Calaveras have to offer, from farmers’ markets and farm-to-fork foods, to locally-made tastes like olive oil and honey.

The Ledger Dispatch staff is excited to share this ultimate guide with the community and appreciates your help in ensuring that all important information is represented.