Recent Argonaut grad Kodee Smith made the gate, leaving a meaningful legacy for the class of 2019.


The furthest extent of leaving a legacy for most high school students on their campus is pretty limited: leaving a sticker in a locker, writing your name in textbooks or under a desk, or if you’re lucky enough, signing your name on your favorite teacher’s podium. Class of 2019 Argonaut graduate Kodee Smith recently left a much more impactful and timeless legacy by installing a gate to the school’s quad that he designed and welded himself. 

It was a big project for Kodee: it took him a month and a half, primarily because he could only work on it in 90 minute stints. The gate is impressive, adorned with large metal letters spelling MUSTANGS and topped with two mustang logos. Everything was hand welded and fabricated by Cody and he only got assistance for the final instillation.

Kodee’s completed project is a lasting mark on Argonaut’s campus, and is surely noticed by all on campus. He even got a shoutout at the graduation ceremony, with principal Troy Gassaway calling the project “bad to the bone.”

“I feel that I left something that matters and something that will be seen for years and years,” Smith said about his legacy. “The school has provided me with so many things to prepare me for my future and I’m leaving them with a gift that will affect the whole campus.”

Kodee’s gate will surely remain an impressive monument on the campus for years to come.