Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. My mom always made us our favorite meal and tried to make us fun cakes. She was creative before Pinterest was a thing. She was great about making our day special in whatever way she could whether we had money or not. When I became an adult, I tried to return the favor. Mom loved her birthday and even after we all moved to different towns or states, we would try to get together for her birthday because being together was the most special thing for her. This is the second birthday I’ve spent without her and it hasn’t been easy. So in honor of my mom, I wanted to share this fun Cat and the Hat cake I made for her 45th birthday. 


Cake mix


Blue dye

Fondant (red and white)

Rice crispy treats


1. Make the cake according to the box instructions and allow to cool. 

2. Make your own frosting or use a ready made frosting dyed blue to frost the cake. 

3. Take already made rice crispy treats or make your own and cut out about 4 circles to stack for the hat. 

4. Roll out the fondant and cut two circles from red or white as the hat base and top. 

5. Cut six strips of fondant, three red and three white. 

5. After the cake is frosted, decide where you want the hat. Lay down the circle hat base. Put a little bit of frosting down as a glue and stack the rice crispy circles. Use a bit of frosting in between each as a glue. 

6. Wrap the strips of fondant around the rice crispy stack in alternating colors, again using a tiny bit of frosting as glue to hold it. Do not worry about this turning out perfectly! Add the circle for the hat top. 

7. Draw any wording if desired and enjoy!