well read

I’ve never been one who has been overly interested in birds. I don’t have anything against them (except the obnoxious ones that roost in my neighbor’s tree every Spring), but they aren’t exactly flying on my daily radar, either. They are just a part of nature that sometimes attract my attention, but mostly stay in the background.  

However, I frequently order bird books for Well Read Books because a lot of people do like bird-watching and learning about birds. I recently got in a book called “Close to Birds” by Roine Magnusson, et al, and the cover caught my interest. The bird on the cover is beautiful and looks like it’s about to fly off the page. It grabbed my attention enough to open the book and flip through the pages. And then to slow down and study the photos throughout the book.

The photography is amazing! The birds (even the good ole black bird) are gorgeous and just make you marvel at the wonder of nature. And no, I didn’t just look at the pictures. I read the words, too. While, yes, the text is full of information on birds, it entertains the reader with stories and other tidbits that connect the world of birds to us humans. As the title suggests, birds are indeed close to us, “we are given the chance to get to know them without even needing to make an effort.” We hear their songs and it makes us take pause.  We see them soar up high in the sky and it makes us take pause. We see them hopping around our backyards, and it makes us take pause. No other wild animal can do that for so many of us.  

I know I am not doing this book justice.  So I encourage you- if you kind of like birds or have a bird fanatic on your Christmas list- to come get a copy of this wonderful book on birds. The stories will charm you and the birds will just make you smile.