So Mom was right.  I loved “Finding Chika” by Mitch Albom. I had tried to read it on my iPad a few months ago (because that’s how most advanced readers are available, sadly). I could not get into it. But I find that I have that issue pretty often when I try to read on my iPad. My brain does not relax and just enjoy the story. There truly is something about a physical book, not just the words on the pages, that completes the reading experience.  

Thankfully I decided to give “Finding Chika” another chance once the physical book was put in my hands. From page one, you cannot help but fall in love with Chika. Albom does a wonderful job bringing her to life in all her exuberancy. As I feared in my last review, the book did make me sad, but even more so, it made me smile and chuckle at Chika’s spunk.

She’s one of those kids that leaves impressions on the hearts of anyone who comes into contact with her. Even through Albom’s story. 

When Chika is five years old, unsettling things begin happening to her body. One side of her mouth droops and she begins to walk with a limp. They discover she has a brain tumor. The only neurologist in Haiti tells Albom and his wife, who operate the orphanage where Chika lives, that there is nothing anyone in Haiti can do to help her. How sobering of a statement! In today’s world, there are still places… many places… that advanced medical care simply does not exist. 

Chika moves from the orphanage in Haiti to the Albom’s house in the United States so she can receive the medical care she needs, with the plans to return to the orphanage once she is well. But it does not end up being that simple. Her case is more complicated, and she ends up living with the Albom’s for

 an extended period of time. The older couple never had children of their own, but Chika quickly integrates herself into their home routine and hearts. As the three fight to save her life, they become a family.

“Finding Chika” is indeed a quick read, but a very worthwhile read. It is full of love, determination, and faith. If you need a book to take you away for a little while, this is a good pick for a variety of readers and ages. Mention this review when you come to get your copy and receive a 20% discount on the title between now and my next review.

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