Been down to the cemetery laughin’ for a scare

Just foolin’ around and we just didn’t care

When you’re drinkin’ moonshine and you’re goin’


Well, you’re settin’ up some scardy-cattin’ blues!

Jus’ shiverin’ right straight down to your shoes!

So we worked ourselves up to get freaked out a ways

Went out in them glooms at the end of the day

We was kissin’ and laughin’ just nothin’ but play

An’ then suddenly all-round went cold:

An’ we didn’t feel so bold, no more, no, we didn’t

feel so bold.

Got them smoochin’ spooky terrorizin’ cemetery blues!


Sometimes you hear about Lovers being dead

An’ sometimes they died for a love that couldn’t be

Sometimes you know that the jokes on you

an’ your terrorized out in some cemetery

you’re freakin’ out there in some cemetery!

Well maybe it’s a joke but we ain’t findin’ the fun

An’ maybe darkness makes a fool outa’ every one

Or maybe smoochin’ isn’t cool down cemetery lane

But you can bet your britches we ain’t goin’ there again!

An’ maybe it’s Them Dead that are jus’ jealous about love

Or maybe it’s that hooty owl or that dim moon above

But I ain’t riskin’ nothin’ our here for me and my love -

An anyways I think that somewhere’s in the trees above

I heard my old loves’ whisperin’ revengin’!

I reckon that they’ll get me in the end

So I ain’t gonna test em here, my friend!

Got them smooching’ spooky terrorizin’ cemetery blues!

Chorus times Two