These Thanksgiving Turkey Treats are super fun to make with (or for) the littles in your life! If you made any of the Halloween Oreo treats this is a great opportunity to use any leftover ingredients! Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Stick five candy corn pointy side down into the top half of the Oreo to make feathers. If the candy corn won’t stay, use a small amount of frosting for glue.

2. Use a small dab of frosting on the back of the candy eyes and stick them in the middle of the cookie. 

3. Use another small dab of frosting to attach a candy corn or a butterscotch chip for the beak or snood.  

Extra Tips

1. Use two pretzel rods at the bottom of the Oreo for legs.

2. You can use a chocolate covered Oreo to change the flavor or even stick a cake pop stick through the bottom to make turkey on a stick. 

3. My turkey’s eyes are made with mini marshmallows from a hot chocolate kit because “someone” got into my candy eyes and ate them all!