when I worked as Nurse, I saw common, in common: 

I saw all the body parts and businesses and the ways 

we did so much the same, so little different. I saw love

and hate, and we all held both sides of that coin. I saw

great delight and great sorrow. I saw health won and 

health lost. I saw tears and then, laughter. I saw cruelty

and then, the balms of kindnesses. I saw recognitions, 

then, rejections. then, acceptances. I saw so much...

began to wonder, in those young times of working daily:

what do we have to give one another in common?... 

perhaps: a porch to to sit upon at twilight, and silence

of familiarity, or even, the story around the campfire...

perhaps, a fragment of a song we both love, still... maybe, 

a weather walked in, or a sunny day with a picnic shared.

maybe, we’ll share holiday meals or dinner or lunch, or

perhaps, I’ll have brunch with you on my deck in the 

newly late-morning of gentle shade and light breezes.

maybe we’ll witness two fawns on the wilderness lawn 

of the imagined nations we share between us, and they

will be close as we sometimes can be, so full of living, 

they can’t fathom past or future, but simply this amazing

‘Now’... then, we’ll hear new words and dance new dances

on The Commons among ourselves: witness to all we 

hold dear: the ways our differences arise, then, disappear....