This is how my life was and still is. I have dyslexia. It is a thing that makes it hard to read and do math. It makes me think that letters are switched with numbers. I also have ADHD and ADD mixed. It's hard to concentrate on my work, and I’m hyper. I have depression and anger issues. I get…

On Saturday, September 22nd, the Buffs played the Sonora Wild Cats and FINALLY won in the 6th game of the season, 13 to 6!!! Matthew Melville and Michael Jennings scored the 2 touchdowns. 

SpongeBob aired for the first time 19 years ago, in 1999. But what has been keeping people so interested in the show for all this time? 

The extracurricular activities at Jackson Junior High are Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, and Girls Volleyball. Girls Basketball has already started. 

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