Everywhere you look these days (if you are mindful) you find organizations like churches, businesses, and even the military offering training in the ancient wisdom of mindfulness. It looks like Mindfulness is on the move in the U.S.A. There has even been some criticism in the media that mindfulness in America is getting too popular, becoming another method for scammers and imposters to take advantage. 

But what it mindfulness? And how can it help, or hinder, curious Americans who seem, more than ever before, to be searching for answers to questions like “How can I be a better person,” “How can I become more successful,” “How can I become a better parent or grandparent,” “How can I face old age with nobility, purpose, and grace,” or the ultimate question, “What is the meaning and purpose of my life?”    

Mindfulness is simply a method of mental training, which began as a spiritual practice by monks and other contemplatives, but which has recently entered the secular world, mostly through health professions like psychotherapy and counseling. There are currently hundreds of scientific studies that affirm the benefits of this daily practice of mental hygiene, which can help you become a better anything, or anyone. Mindfulness is like dental care: it is not a religion or a creed, but its practice will have the same beneficial effect on any and every person, whatever their creed or religion, only mentally rather than dentally.

  A new course for adults in spiritual formation, with an emphasis on Mindfulness and Wisdom, is happening now in Sutter Creek. This is a single, one-year long course, divided into two semesters of 16 weeks each. The classes will be held every Saturday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., which started on September 14, 2019. 

   Besides instruction on the science and practice of Mindfulness, a important part of each class session will be devoted to training in Wisdom, which is the broad and consistent application Mindfulness to every aspect of one’s life. Learning to be mindful involves more than just meditation. With Wisdom, Mindfulness saddles up, rides into the world, and puts its boots on the ground. Wisdom makes Mindfulness a practical spiritual path for every day life. 

    The adult formation classes in Mindfulness and Wisdom will be taught from a Christian perspective, but students need not be Christian to participate or attend. The course will be led by a professional teacher with many years of experience teaching and studying mindfulness and wisdom to church groups and others. Classes are free, but commitment to full attendance in the course is encouraged. To enroll, or for more information, contact Seraphim Winslow at seraphim.winslow@gmail.com, or call (209) 283-9103.