nothing stark that does not grow. Nature allows for All Life. 

we are not fixed forever and ever. nothing is fixed. out of any

crack, out of ever seam of saplings, there comes another bud:

it knows only the suns’ warmth, and what the waters of rains

may give, rarely, may take away. 

cut to the bone of self, every cell believes regeneration and 

even resurrection. these twists of trees are majestic in their teachings: 

Grow Anew. never give one inch to death, before Life has had

Her Fill. spring from each clear cut as any tree would dare,

even when no one at all sees the living burst from impossible, 

to probable. be alert to what may ensue. buddings are there. 

flowers, perhaps may shine. fruiting may nourish. there is no

ending to life: all is atoms upon atoms seeking solace in every

transpiration. the oaths of hydrogen and oxygen were made 

for this: we are of the planet of The Living. 

death’s darkness will never prevail. 

all is well, among the stars: above each millionth planet, there

renews the endless lights of Living... 

as long as universe eternals: it is Life, that Prevails....