These power outages are getting old fast! It’s been difficult to figure out meal times without power or a generator.

Breakfast Ideas

1. Apples with your favorite nut butter

2. A healthy granola bar and a piece of fruit make a simple breakfast. Add a couple slices of jerky for protein.

3. If you have the ability to boil water, cups of oatmeal are a lifesaver. Quaker makes a lot of tasty ones, my current favorite is Cranberry Vanilla Almond Steel Cut. 

4. Bagels with your favorite nut butter or if you have a cooler then you could add cream cheese or deli meat and cheese.

5. Trail mix (homemade or store bought) with a packet of applesauce is great for the power outage, but also just for an on the go breakfast. 

6. If you have a cooler, yogurt parfaits make a good breakfast. Add whatever fresh fruit you have/want, plus nuts or granola. 

7. If you have a BBQ and the time (and it’s safe to use!), you can cook something as simple as sausages for breakfast or something as elaborate as a big breakfast with meat, eggs, and even hash browns. 

8. Breakfast cereal with shelf stable milk. There are some decent shelf stable milks out there so don’t discount this one! 

9. Sandwiches are always good. Or wraps with tortillas if you want to mix it up. Our favorite is peanut butter, honey, and banana slices. 

10. Fruit salad. Cut up all the fruit you have on hand that needs to be used and make a beautiful fruit salad for breakfast and to munch on all day.

We are lucky that we have a propane bbq so we can cook outside and boil water, but I know that not everyone has the ability to do so. I’ve put together a list of breakfast ideas for the power outages, most of which do not need to be cooked. Stay safe!