there could be peace. there could be one world. 

Gandhi said he didn’t even want to be on this earth,

unless humanity unified. I get it. see how the one tree

is holding on with the other? see how the water is 

nourishing everything? see the confluence of ways

of compassion over ways of destruction? not that 

there aren’t plenty of destructions going on in this

natural world, everywhere. much life going over the 

most beautiful of falls is dying, and fast. these trees

growing out of rock, aren’t bound forever. nothing

is fixed, not forever. still, somehow, these sights of

the living beings along with us in this world: the living

skies, the living waters, the living stones, the living

trees, the living plants, the living animals...they all 

remind us, at all times, every way possible: that we

are passing by. no forever. why not bring each 

one another, home...

and so, raise a flag of hope for the most decent of 

ways to be human. not about nation, but about ‘us’, 

the living beings, of this patiently majestic earth...

long before nation, and for long after nations, here: 

We the People....One Human Race. or nothing, at all.

One United Planet of Living Beings...or, nothing,

at last....