Fourth of July is coming upon us. 

I’m thinking about America, and 

how it’s not so much about arguing

about what’s right and what’s wrong, 

because we all know right from wrong -

really, we do. 

it’s about the courage to say what is right. 

the courage to stand and say that something

isn’t right. 

it’s being willing to have integrity, and to hold

reasoning to be a fair and thought-full and, yes, 

an informed act of mind and will and heart. 

and then, to bear witness to what is good in us. 

and then, to bear witness to what is not good

among us. 

I hope to move through fears, to attempt to 

learn about what really is happening, and then, 

to demonstrate my own integrity, some way,

all ways, always.

I hope to be able to say, “In My Name”, and, 

“Not In My Name” with equal advocacy. 

I hope to be willing to live for social justice and 

human and civil rights, with the best of us, 

without adding to polarities and cruelties 

among one another. 

I work for the grace to be a decent human 

being, in a very difficult world of humans 

of numbers never known before. 

and, I hope to do this all as an American:

with the pride of having been a Peace Baby, 

born in 1945, between the surrenders: when 

we all expected plowshares to be hammered 

from swords - for freedom to ring like a bell... 

to have grace as our energy, as a Nation, 

as a deserve:  Truth. Freedom....