out of overwintering, these Lake Tahoe butterflies are practically swarming like bees all around our heads and

Being alive to naming: California Tortoiseshells! orange 

into the new black on top and shady groves underbellies! 

eating upon Mountain Whitethorn, a wild and woolly 

Ceanothus, native to our California, growing and thriving

in the finishings and new beginnings of the Angora Fire 

of 2007, it is thought, their caterpillars metamorphosis 

with fecundity that is overwhelming creation!

here they are, cavorting about the tea house of Emerald 

Bay, like fairies out of a Tale from childhood’s dreams!...

Ok, then, I’m in awe: species are going extinct all around 

us, for sure, for sure, yet: here these are, dancing in gypsy

hoards of nomads, due to head west down from the

mountains as soon as the angels call them into these 

less alpine meadows and promises of warmth, of safe

waters somewhere, fields of golden grasses - what ever

it is they are looking for!

the naturalist (amateur) in me is in sheer delight! 

I want to go out in a burst of butterflies, a whole flock! 

when I fly, some day, in some other time, I will fly with 

these butterflies! long may we thrive, alive! So, Alive!...