a Range Song ~ in Honor of Wild West Days, Angels Camp, Calaveras County, October 19th, This Fall!...

First Verse:

when I first was a cowgirl

an’ rode in the wilderness

when I could see farther

than city folks see 

there was nothing so sweet

as a small bloomin’ flower

bein’ met for a gatherin’

by one lonesome bee

an’ the tears would be comin’ on

out there in nowhere

alone with the cattle 

an’ quiet shy men 

an’ I’d wonder why I 

never married an’ settled down

why I was out 

on the prairies again 

- - - - -


so it’s saddle up silent

the dawn of a cowgirl

an’ help at cook’s wagon

the coffee to brew 

an’ let a tear fall 

for the bee and the flower

the bee for the sting

an’ the flower, for you

- - - - - 

Second Verse:

an’ now I am weathered

the petals all withered

the bee bein’ long gone

to honey and home 

an’ me here just wishin’ 

that I was jus’ somewhere’s else

not saddle sore 

on this faithful ol’ roan

wonderin’ about life

the life of a herder 

a life not for women 

a tough one for men 

an’ I’m thinkin’ that I

can’t go back to the home life

an’ I’ll jus’ be back 

in the saddle again

- - - - - 

Chorus: X 2!

- - - - -