It was a busy day as 3rd graders from Amador County’s elementary school mooo-ved all over the Amador County Fairgrounds for the annual Amador County Farm Day field trip on September 27. 

The students rotated by groups through over twenty educational and fun stations that were all focused on teaching a different aspect of agriculture, whether it be farming, animals, insects, food, fire safety and more. They got the chance to pet goats, bunnies and chickens, taste homemade jams and jellies, and even try their hand at operating an excavator! 

“Farm Day is where kids can come experience all of the splendors of agriculture in their local region. Many local organizations got together and started spearheading this event back in 2012. A lot of the kids often voice that this is one of their favorite field trips. We get a lot of great positive feedback from not only the youth but also the teachers and parents. That’s the driving force for us continuing to put so much energy into this event. We don’t charge the schools for this field trip, so it’s all about the sponsors contributing financially.” 

Sponsors for the event include Amador County Farm Day Committee, UC Cooperative Extension, Amador County 4-H, Amador Farm Burea, City of Plymouth, Amador Resource Conservation District, Charles Spinetta Winery and Vineyard, Tumbas Vineyards, C.G. Di Aire Vineyard & Winery, Cooper Vineyards, Operator Engineer Local 3 Training Center and the Amador County Fairgrounds. 

The Amador County Farm Day Committee is always in need of new sponsors to help make this field trip possible, so if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Vera Bullard at (209) 223-6484, or