Tina Ray Foligno

Tina Ray Foligno

On Friday, May 19, 2023, convicted murderer Jack Sackrider went before a parole board and was denied release for a third time.

In 2001, Sackrider was convicted of second degree murder for the 1999 killing of Tina Ray Foligno. On July 28, 1999, Foligno told friends that she was going to Sackrider’s Fiddletown residence to end the relationship and collect her things. She told her friend that if she didn’t return, to come look for her.

Evidence showed that Foligno went to Sackrider’s residence, an argument ensued, and Sackrider beat Foligno, struck her in the head and side with a 24 inch piece of firewood, resulting in her death. Sackrider placed her body in the trunk of her car, drove around for a while, before ultimately throwing her body down a mine shaft. Sackrider went to extensive measures to hide his crime, such as staging her car at the Plymouth cemetery, cleaning blood evidence from the scene, and repeatedly lying to law enforcement about what occurred.

Sackrider was found to be a risk to public safety for the community if released. The decision was based upon his lack of insight into his violent nature towards women, the lack of responsibility for the murder, his lack of internalizing rehabilitative efforts while in prison, and unrealistic plans for transition if released. The Parole Board noted he did not make any substantive changes or improvements since the last parole consideration 5 years ago.

Family members of Tina Foligno attended the parole hearing. Several victim impact statements were read, calling for Sackrider to be denied parole for the public’s safety. The impact of Sackrider’s cruel and disimpassioned murder of Foligno is still felt deeply in the lives of her family.

Sackrider was denied parole reconsideration for another 5 years.

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