Al Lennox

Al Lennox, former head of American Legion Post 108 Ambulance Service, has been charged by the Amador County District Attorney's Office.

Amador County Superior Court has ruled that the criminal case against former American Legion Ambulance Service head Al Lennox has enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Lennox, formerly Chief Executive of the American Legion Post #108 Ambulance Service, which provides emergency ambulance services for both Amador and Calaveras counties, is accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from the Service by use of checks and credit cards. He is charged with 13 counts of grand theft embezzlement and one count each of perjury and destroying corporate documents.

The Amador County District Attorney’s office laid out the evidence for the charges over two days in court on November 2 and 3, 2021. The prosecution called five witnesses, including a DA office investigator, and submitted more than 60 defense exhibits, almost all of which was paperwork documenting either the alleged embezzlement or how the money was spent.

On Thursday, January 6, Judge J.S. Hermanson ruled that the evidence was sufficient for the case to proceed and Lennox be “held to answer.” The next scheduled hearing in the case will be February 3.

Lennox, 75, is currently a resident of Oregon. He headed up the American Legion Ambulance Service for 26 years, overseeing its expansion to cover Calaveras County in 2005. The Service employs more than 80 EMTs, paramedics and nurses. He was first charged in this case in May of 2021.