Judith Anita Curley

Judith Anita Curley is survived by her husband Jim Curley; daughters: Cindi Cardiff, Jennifer Knight; sons: Tom Short, Dan Wade; grandchildren: Melissa Wade, Zoe Skye, Danielle Howe, Xena Brown, Jerry Howe, Brian Burrows, Bethany Merritt, Elijah Knight; great-grandchildren: Mina, Tiffany, Madison, Makenzie, Giovahna, Arwen, Aiden, and Jackson, Owen, Dylan and David. Preceded in death by father William P. Ball; mother Anita E. Ball; granddaughter Stephanie M. Wade.

Judy will be remembered as loving, faithful, devoted, hardworking and resilient. Judy's hope was built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and His righteousness. We believe that she is safe in the arms of her savior Jesus Christ. We will see her again.